Of 5Ks and Spider Veins

I want to be running 5Ks by this fall.

Ambitious, coming from a girl who constantly claims to only run when being chased.
I am gravitating towards this running phenomenon, however and here is why.

I was never a fan of the "Abs on Monday, Triceps on Tuesday, etc etc..." workouts. Where I come from, you are flailing all parts of your body around for between 5 and 7 hours. Well, I don't do that anymore... the sport of Artistic Roller Skating isn't as rampant around these parts as it used to be,
I digress.
I think I have finally found a running plan I can get with. In 9 weeks, if I follow this thing, I should be on my way to my 5K dreams easily. Another reason I want to be able to do this is that work started a running club (AND a kickball league, WHAT.) and I would love to be able to hang with that.

Some other shit...
This year I turn 30. Since I was 25, I have had creeping spider veins making their presence known on my legs, outer thighs to be exact. I figure that if I am going to start this running thing, I should be getting rid of those (short shorts and all...) I found something called Vita K to take care of that. And if THAT doesn't work, I'll just have the fuckers lasered off.

I have a feeling I am going to become one of "those people". You know them, the ones who run with reflectors on their Life is Good hat while listening to "Dave Matthews Band: Live From Red Rock" on her ipod shuffle.
You can take her out of central MA, but you are going to have to pry the central MA out of her.

How Elliot Spitzer picks a Call Girl. Ahem, I mean "Model".

Conveniently, the website was taken down... BUT NOT THE CACHEMUHHAHAHAHAHA. hah.
Anyway, here, you too can choose a call girl (GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE????!!!??? AWESOME!!!):

"Emperors’ Club model introduction fees directly correlate to the quality of our model companions. Each model’s respective introduction fee has been placed on her page and is symbolized by the number of diamonds on her page. Beginning with three diamonds at $1,000 or £500 and escalating beyond $2,100 or £1,050 at six diamonds, fees vary according to individual education, sophistication, and ambiance created by each of our models. Choosing from only the most impressive model companion candidates, you'll personally find that Emperors Club is, by far, the most selective social introduction service. Beauty, elegance, erudition, and educational standing / career accomplishments are preliminary decisive factors in hiring. Each model’s character, personality, ability to create desirable atmosphere, interests, family background and career success must be deemed suitable. Initial rates have been established based on the above criteria. With time, promotion, if any, to higher category (ies) is considered and based upon our expanded knowledge of the model’s character and the grace with which she handles public relations / interactions. It is advised to schedule your dates with our models in advance, as each model has place in her schedule for a select number of meetings per month due to her university / career commitments. National and International Travel arrangements require at least 48 hours notice and a minimum 55% deposit. We recognize the importance of personality connection, friendship and comfort level when traveling together / attending social events; hence, hourly introductions are offered to ensure confidence / value prior to committing to travel dates and social engagements with any specific model. Such preliminary meetings make for risk-free dating and travel experiences.

Day Rates (dawn to dawn) :
three diamonds -$10,000 I four diamonds - $12,000 I five diamonds - $15,000 I six diamonds - $21,000 I seven diamonds - $31,000
three diamonds - £5,000 I four diamonds - £6,000 I five diamonds - £ 7,500 I six diamonds - £10,500 I seven diamonds - £15,500
three diamonds - €7,000 I four diamonds - €9,000 I five diamonds - € 1,100 I six diamonds - €15,000 I seven diamonds - €22,000
Inquire about our weekend and multiple-day travel package rates!

Hourly Rates:
three diamonds -$1,000 I four diamonds - $1,200 I five diamonds - $1,500 I six diamonds - $2,100 I seven diamonds - $3,100
three diamonds - £500 I four diamonds - £600 I five diamonds - £750 I six diamonds - £1,050 I seven diamonds - £1,550
three diamonds - €700 I four diamonds - €900 I five diamonds - €1,100 I six diamonds - €1,500 I seven diamonds - €2,200

Inquire about our 2-hour preliminary introduction package rates!
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In addition to cash, we also accept Major Credit Cards; at our discretion, Authorized Bank Cashiers' Checks and most foreign currencies. Click here for Currency Converter (20% bank exchange fees apply when paying via your reservation country's foreign currency).

Gift Certificates Available Upon Request.

Please view our portfolio, to choose one of our models.

Contact reservations via phone at: US: 917 438 9213 // 310 691 5163 // 305 851 2098 // UK: 0207 096 0879 // France: 0172 813 841 // Swiss: 022 533 0819 OR"

miley cyrus.

ok. i hope life doesn't ruin this girl because she has the potential to be really fucking funny. like the part where she randomly kicks her leg up and says "Flashdance."


so in an effort to... basically be bombarded by emails from democratic candidates (because really, that's what i have done to myself by doing the following), i signed up for emails from both barak obama and hillary clinton's campaigns.
the similarity twixt the two is that the emails come from the respective candidates names which is supposed to make a voter feel involved. so far, i haven't felt involved. i more feel like a spectator at a bull fight insofar as i am not really excited by either the matador or the bull, but more just waiting for the part where the bull launches the matador or someone goes jumping over the railing.
i live for nuances.
i also live, regarding this post, for the titles of the emails that come from each candidate. here are some:
Barack Obama
-What happened today (where he speaks in an empty kind of way he lost the Ohio, Texas and RI primaries, but does not indicate anything but a possible delegate victory. there are words. and you read them, but they do little to inspire. the overall feeling i got from this email was that the campaign felt it needed to say something, kind of like when you are trying to get your significant other not to break up with you).

-The Math (this came later in the day and was a more "i'm pissed" email. he calls hillary "desperate" and "negative", actually barack did not "pen" this one. david plouffe did. i think that this is how this campaign will be run. because both candidates have sworn an unofficial oath not to badmouth each other, they hired people to do it for them so when it comes down to it, they can always fall by the "I never said that..." defense).

-RE: The Math (this one IS barack obama **COUGHbullshit** where he wants to "add some more notes about the campaign." he talks about how great the voters are and how much cashish his campaign has. then, for good measure... "Senator Clinton has decided to use her resources to wage a negative, throw-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink campaign." i think obama has used some of his resources to hire david plouffe to write that for him.

Hillary Clinton
in every hillary email i have received, including the bill emails, not once does she mention barack obama in a negative fashion. his name only comes up in regards to the fact that he existed and is the other person vying for the presidency.

i'm for no one right now. i am waiting and watching and could be considered by some lazy because i am engaging in very few arguments about the nuances of the democratic hopefuls. i have only a few observations but reserve my judgement for november.


i have 2 pairs of jeans that i have been holding onto that were supposed to go out with the "too huge to wear" pile.
i also have a need for vests. my goal? to make a denim vest that is neither tacky nor... tacky.
this will prove to be a challenge seeing that the jeans are two completely different washes, so i can't fuck up.
you could say that this project is partially fueled by the denim challenge episode of Project Runway. but mainly, i want a vest and unless i make a journey out to some fabric store, this is what i have to work with.
i did go searching this morning on j.crew, gap, old navy, banana republic and ebay. nothing. so according to my new issue of Lucky, unless i am ready to drop $200 on less than 2 yards of fabric, i'm screwed.
have any of you a vest that you don't want that is medium? i'll buy it off you. i'm still going forward with my denim vest starting in about 1/2 an hour. i figure i'll clear off the coffee table and watch the Style network (Kimora Lee Simmons "Life in the Fab Lane" is usually on for a few hours at least), that will give me motivation to get through this. if not, then it will most likely turn into a dress or at very least, headbands. SO, if anyone is around and interested in sewing, knitting and clocking some time watching Style (or hey, Bravo if they have their signature saturday Project Runway marathons...) give me a call, or reply to this post, i'm on hudson street, destroying my gap jeans.
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it's all sort of working itself out...

starting after superbowl sunday, my work schedule dramatically changes.
i've hemmed and hawed about how i can never participate in anything because i am either working weekends or until 10 at night.
starting monday, that all changes. i've assumed new duties that have me working 7a-330p. what.
this may not seem like a huge deal. but i've been working late and on weekends... and holidays.... and overnights for the last year and 1/2.
so what am i possibly going to do with all this new found time, you may ask?
fuck if i know. the world has been spinning without me for so long i just assumed people are still doing the electric slide, pegging their pants and buying the new m.c. hammer album. on vinyl.
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...and a happy 7 bullets car broken into dump on the floor new year....

the short and sweet of it:
the house across the street from us was shot up early yesterday morning. effed up. or what the news called "A shooting caused by problems between 2 groups of asian males" no one was killed, although 1 bullet missed a person who was in the shower.

last night, phill's suv was broken into, they smashed the driver's side window and took his gps and some change that was in the center console. or what i call "annoying."

2 1/2 weeks ago, someone broke into the house on the corner with a crowbar and tried to crowbar their way into an apartment at around 10am. when they did not succeed, they went into the basement and proceeded to take a dump on the floor and steal a bike.

with my intensive law enforcement training, i will attempt to make sense of this.

asian male scuffle
broken window
stolen gps
stolen bike

this is obviously the dastardly work of Dr. Claw.
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the morning after, alternatively titled "He Made It: Finally"

i'm back in providence after a 2 day stint in the boonies sleeping in my old bed. back to work, this time training a new employee. the poor soul. i have him until 10pm.

i'm here to give the run down of presents i received this year. here goes. but really, you can just skip to the last one...

The Stocking: a travel mug, knitting accessories, bubble gum (huh?), tic tacs and hand sanitizer, leopard print slippers.
From Mom and Dad: a fleece vest, cashmere socks that i will inevitably put holes in, a gift debit card that i will waste quick-like on yarn.

From Phill: an ipod touch, time crisis 4 for the playstation 3 (including gun - key), an embossing label maker and a lint shaver (awesome).

The Crowning Glory: my brother gives me a flat wrapped present and all go silent. i open it, i knew it was a comic book before i opened it. my favorite book ever started in the mid-nineties by j. scott campbell, "Gen-13" it's issue 13 of the new run through DC's Wildstorm. issue 13... odd. it's signed... he tells me "Look closer at the name that's signed on it..." i still can't make it out. so he says to open it. "Read the credits..."
My brother, after decades of persistence and training is now a published comic book artist. there, in the credits, "Jon Mills" and the signature on the cover is his.
holy shit. and if you find yourself poking around a comic shop in a couple months, look for Gen-13 issue 16. is name will be on the cover. what. to boot, he gives me one of the original panels from one of the pages.
ever since he was old enough to read comics, he's drawn them. my parents had him play sports all through his childhood and he could have been anything, but all he ever wanted was to draw, ink and produce comics. he wouldn't settle for less. he spent 3 years at the joe kubrick marvel training school working with mcfarlane and kubrick, travelling around to shop his portfolio, working his ass off to support his 2 kids and wife and finally, after almost 30 years, his dream is coming to fruition.
go bro.